We sell all kinds of cell phone unlocking devices (included unlocking clip and software) for ERICSSON, Motorolaicon, NOKIA, PANASONIC, SAMSUNG, SIEMENS, and CDMA/TDMA PHONES. Price is $80 and up.

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Here is the latest price for the new cell phone repair tools.
A) $600, TDMA unlocker/flasher
Unlock/Flash/Change IMEI and language/Repair for Nokia 1220 1260 1261 3361 3360 3320 3560 3520. Also work on all the Nokia GSM phones.<p>

B) $150, Siemens unlocker (all models)
Unlock A56 A55 A55a A50 A40 A36 A35 Ct56 C56 C55 C45 C35 C30
S56 S55 S46 S45 S40 S35 SL57 SL56 SL55 SL55c SL45 SL42 M55 M50 MT50 ME45 M35 6688 3118 2128 2118 1168 6688I 6618 3508 3518 3568
3618 1118

C) $150, Sony Ericsson Flasher / Unlocker Software kit (version 3.0)
(Unlock/Flash/Change IMEI and language) T616, T610 (all version), T600, T66, P802, P800, T316, T310, T310c T306, T302, T300, T202, T200, T100, T106, T68i, T68, T39, T65, A3618sc, A3618s, A3618, R600s, R600sc, R600, R520mc, R520m, R520, A2618, A2628, A2218z, T20, T29<p>

D) $ 450, Nokia Griffin Upgraded Universal Box (for most models list below)
Unlock/Flash/Change language/Repair for all Nokia phones
Unlock/Flash/Change language on all Ericsson phones
Unlock Panasonic GD88 87 67 68
Unlock all Sharp phones
Unlock all Sendo phones
Unlock all Maxon phones
Unlock AEG Telital
Unlock NEC DB4000

If u are interested, please email: [email protected] or call 415 573 5209

For more unlocking device/cell phone parts/accessories, please visit our website at: www.skystartrade.com